Silver Spoon and Fork

A huge silver spoon and fork set
A huge silver spoon and fork set

The spoon and fork are the most symbolic artifacts that represent good sustenance, but in my family, when we set the cold silverware down in front of those who sit at the dinner table it represents our love and appreciation. My grandparents on my father's side immigrated to America from the Philippines, because they had siblings who immigrated here before them. It was not until I was engaged with social media that I learned more about my culture. I began encountering posts of fellow Filipino creators discussing their families' immigration experiences and showcasing cultural artifacts. An object often showcased in the posts were enormous pairs of wooden spoons and forks displayed on the kitchen walls in Filipino households. Similarly to those posts, my family had a silver pair hung up to the right of our kitchen window. I never knew why we had them up. “Do you know why we have that spoon and fork on the wall?”, is what I asked my dad, and what he responded with was, “It shows the importance of food and hospitality for Filipinos.” My family believes it is better to give than receive, so whenever somebody comes into our home we don’t expect them to fend for themselves. The meaning of the fork and spoon has helped me not only see why my family is as warmhearted and giving as they are, but it motivates me to treat others like family, as well as create an environment where others feel secure with a sense of belonging.

Place(s): Philippines

– Mackenzie Galacgac

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant