Shadow of Money and Education

The picture of Azhar (real name is not used) with his back body with the shadow of the night lights reflect to him. The secret behind of this image is the pain and suffer to Azhar, who is young college person. Low wage and salaries is huge problem to him. Those words out from his friendly, worry mouth. “college in on one hand and supporting family is in the other hand.” His obstacle is receiving a low wage because it is like a big rock that is blocking his path to pay for his college career and to help his family to make their lives out of the heavy, wavy storm. Now he works in pharmacy on the weekends and during the big breaks. His old suffering memories start to erase to a bern new page and that page help him to do the both thing, supporting his family and pay for his college classes. His best moment in his life was when his mother, younger sister and brother came to America. His lips can't stop smiling when he saw his family with his warm eyes, but have to find a double jobes to achieve his gold dream and make his family live in soft cloud. “ Even though, life is hard by getting low salaries, but I should never lose faith. Faith is only way that I can find a key to success and that success won’t happen without faith.” The picture is meaning of his hard work and his strength to cross the next step the will lead him to the paths that makes him successful (inshalla).

Year: 2007

– Abrar Alhashidi

Relationship:  unknown unknown