sewing machine
sewing machine

 To start off with, I have no idea what my heritage is or even where my great grandparents were born. I barely know anyone that’s in my family. Therefore we don’t really have any traditions or anything to symbolize our culture because we don’t have one. Now with this information you could see why quilting and sewing with my grandmother means so much to me. It is something that I grew up learning and helping my grandmother out with when I got to see her. I'm not sure if sewing is something my grandmother did with anyone else in my family or if she just started because she thought it was cool but I know that it's meaningful to me if not to her. It’s importance is that it’s something we bonded over and it’s also knowledge that I could potentially pass down to my kids so I could start some kind of tradition. My story may not be that relatable but to those kids out there who have broken families or just don’t know about their families past, my story is here to remind them that they aren’t the only ones.

Place(s): Virginia

– Sophia Graves

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