Searching for a dream

Relationship: Im/migrant

My name is Oscar Ramirez Vega. I am from Colombia. I came to NYC July 2016. I am a student at the immigrant service program at the Sunnyside Community Services. Since I was a teenager many years ago, I dreamed about traveling to the United States of America, but the question is why I wished to come here? Well, I can say that I grew-up watching American series on T.V., I also loved rock music, my favorite Queen and singers were Billy Joel and Joe Cocker; however, the main reason it was my desire to learn English. In those days I thought just to take a plane and have my dream come true. The time passed by and I graduated from high school, then I entered college, there I met my future wife and Laura’s mother. he years were passing and my daughter was growing up. When she finished high school and her dream was to go to medical school. Laura’s dream is my dream but medicine is an expensive career in Colombia, and we did not have enough money to pay for her university studies. It’s strange but my daughter’s dream suddenly brings me closer to my dream because I decided to travel to this city to work and get enough money for Laura’s studies. Maybe it is my destiny. I don’t know,  but I am here reaching two dreams, two goals. Every day I look at “my daughter’s photo” and I pray to God to give us the strength to continue until end, so I can be able to send her money so she can complete her studies. New York City - Land of dreams for all immigrants!!  God Bless America!! 


Place(s): Pereira
Year: 2016

– Oscar Ramirez Vega

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant