Roman Empire Coin (20BC)

Ancient Coin From 20BCBy: Jake Anastas
This coin is from the time period of 20BC. The coin When the coin first came out it was worth 1 thousand dollars. But over the years the man who created the coins eventually made many more which made the price in the coin go down. This is a bronze coin which is the least expensive, but there was silver and gold coins made which were much more valuable and expensive. On the coin it says ANASTASIUS. The name ANASTASIUS  was the last name of my family before it was changed when they got to Ellis Island in New York. The coin says ANASTASIUS on it because someone in my family was a Roman Emperor. The coin was made in the time period that my family was an Emperor so they were made to show the Emperor on every coin (Basically the same thing that the U.S did with Benjamin Franklin and other presidents represented on coins and bills.) There was a group of people making these coins. But the start of the production was just by one man. The makers were most likely men because it is known that during this time period men were the coin makers. The intended users of this coin were the people living in the area of the Emperor. The bronze coin represented the least amount of money and the silver and gold represented a larger amount. 

Place(s): York, Me

– Jake Anastas

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