This is a picture of a standard desktop
This is a picture of a standard desktop

 My computer is very important to understand my identity. My mom remembers when they came out with computers and she had to teach her mother how to use one of them. She also remembers playing old games that were only in 2D like the Oregon trail. Also learning the new chat rooms that came out. And learning how to fix the computer when it would freeze. My computer is made from 7 different components as are most computers: a case (made from aluminum), a GPU (made from copper, plastic), a CPU (made from plastic, aluminum), a RAM stick (made from plastic and pcb), a PSU (made from medal, aluminum and wires), a Storage (made from medal, discs). I got interested in computers because I watch a lot of  YouTube, and eventually came across tech YouTubers (Linus Tech Tips, BitWit) and I got really interested in it. I started making PC’s, although I’ve only made two, I have loved working on electronics ever since I found my interest in PC’s from a friend of mine named Michael McDowell; he worked on PC’s and made money off doing that. Some things I do on my PC are big online events like tournaments, video calls, and big game servers, along with school work and some other random things I like doing. The way it connects to my identity is, I'm known in my family and by my friends that I like fixing electronics. I can usually fix most things about electronics PC’s are important to me because it's where I do most things. Without a pc, I wouldn't be able to do things I would normally do daily. 

Place(s): Anywhere
Year: 1974

Relationship:  unknown unknown