Rocking Chair

Rocking chair
Rocking chair

The object that I chose is a rocking chair that was passed down to my mother from her grandmother, my great grandmother. This chair has a lot of value to my mom because of what her grandmother meant to her. When my mom was a child, she liked to spend more time with her grandmother than she liked to spend at home. Unfortunately, her grandmother passed away when I was a baby so I was not able to get to know her. If my great grandmother was special to my mother, then I am sure she was a great person so I hold a lot of value in the rocking chair too. Even if the rocking chair was pushed aside to make way for the Christmas tree or used to store miscellaneous items, it has always been in our house, so I hope the rocking chair will also be passed down to me.

Place(s): Illinois, U.S.

– NB

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