Photograph of GreatGrandFather

Photo of great grand father (Middle)
Photo of great grand father (Middle)

For me my heritage and ancestry is Europe, in fact, the DNA test I took says my lineage is 98% European. My mother's side of the family originates in southern France. My grandfather immigrated from France to the US in the 1950s/60s and has lived here ever since. Before moving to the US he was a part of the French Air Force, Armée de l'Air Française, following in his father's military footsteps. His father, my great grandfather served a large role in the French military and often met with top generals to discuss strategies and campaigns. In the photo there are four main people standing and my grandfather is right in the middle. To the left of him is a high ranking officer or general, as can be seen by the traditional french round cap. In this photo they are in North Africa with both American and French Leaders. He became ADC to the general commanding-in-chief French forces of Syria and on the outbreak of the war transferred to the French Air Force. At the time of the Armistice he and several other pilots flew to North Africa. After 1942 he was engaged as a fighter pilot with the French Forces covering the landing in Corsica and also took part in bombing attacks on communications in Alsace.  After the war he was made Chef Adjoint au Cabinet du General Juin of National Defence in Paris. 

Place(s): Africa, Paris

– Patrick

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