School Uniform

In Attire

I am from Ghana, Ghan-Kumas which in Africa. I moved to New York City this year, and I live with my grandparents. An object is important to me is a school uniform that used to belong to my dad when he was a student in Africa. My dad was a man who did not like to go to school. This uniform reminds me of his story and how he met my mother. He wanted money so he told his mum that he don’t like school so he wanted to work so his mom took him to the shoe shop, the place where they use to clean shoes, makes boots and wash them. So he worked there for many years. One day he stopped the work and started to make his own shop so he tried to go to the Ivory Coast. He also had to use the money to help his old mum so he helped her and after he went to the Ivory Coast. He worked for money there and when he came back he built a house and stayed with my mum. He was able to make money. He stopped school when he was 16 years old. When he stopped school he ran from home and he married my mother and they have work together. They had my brother and me. When I grew up my dad told me all about this story. I keep the school uniform by now and still keep in my house in Ghana. Even though it is not with my in New York City, I am glad that I have it. I live with my grandparents here in New York, but it makes me feel connected to my family and proud to know my family’s story.

Year: 2003

– Keyretwie Boateng

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