Schaller delivery truck

Schaller & Weber delivery truck circa 1938
Schaller & Weber delivery truck circa 1938

Young Ferdinand Schaller spent his early years working and honing his skills throughout Germany and the Alsace region, until he found himself apprenticing in Hamburg. From there he would soon set sail for New York. In Manhattan, Schaller met Tony Weber and in 1937 the two opened their butcher shop in the Yorkville neighborhood, on the Upper East Side. From the beginning, Ferdinand was determined to bring the sausages and charcuterie he had mastered to his new home. In a short time, the quality and unmistakable style of their sausages and smoked meats made Schaller & Weber the city’s meat market of choice. They would employ the use of their truck to deliver their meats all around New York City.
For decades, New Yorkers passed through the doors of the Schaller & Weber store, coming for the best meats the city had to offer. The reputation of the Yorkville butcher shop grew, and soon people across the country and around the globe sought out the classic, European-style delicacies and sausages from this master charcuterier. Demand continued to grow, and by the early 1960s Ferdinand built a production facility allowing him to increase supply of his sought-after charcuterie.

Place(s): New York, Germany, France
Year: 1927

– Jeremy Schaller

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant