Relationship: Child of im/migrant

This is a picture of a Scapular of the Virgin Del Carmen. The Scapular represents my family’s journey here because my grand mother gave my dad this scapular before he came to the United States. He said that when he was crossing over and he felt like he couldn’t keep going he would hold the scapular in his hand and think of his mom and how he wanted a better life for her, it gave my dad the strength to keep on going and make it the United States. When he got to the United States and was looking for a job or had any trouble he would pray with the Scapular in his hand and it helped him. My dad told me this story when I was in 5th grade because I was having a rough year and he bought me scapular identical to his and he told me when ever I felt that I couldn’t do something or something seemed to hard to just pray and use the scapular to give me strength, and I did. Ever since I have worn the Scapular of the Virgin del Carmen it has helped me through rough times in my life. My sisters and mom all got one so we can use it to help us through rough times and use it so when ever we feel that we can’t do something to keep trying and never give up. That’s why the Scapular is an object that represents my family’s journey to this country.

– Joshua Papaqui

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant