Santa and Mrs. Claus Ornament


The Last Symbol of LoveIt’s usually in the corner of the attic or near the door of the garage. That is where most people keep the fun knick knacks that make their holiday tremendously brighter. The most wonderful time of the year is the holiday season. Those who celebrate have a favorite ornament that they insist upon using their own touch to place on the tree. For instance, my grandparents chose their Santa and Mrs. Claus ornament to forever carry their love for the holiday and for one another. As they began to grow old, they chose my mother who is their youngest child of four to keep the special ornament. This little item was a precise representation of their everlasting love for eachother. This ornament has been in my family since  the 1900’s. Every holiday season, my grandparents would place their ornament on the tree together. First, they would put all the other ornaments upon the tree. Finally, they would take the trinket and put it front and center for all to admire. After all, this ornament is not an expensive, upscale item. However, the meaning behind it is so much stronger. In memory of their love, each year we as a family place the ornament on our tree in the center and after all the others. It is a constant reminder that my grandparents are always with us. I am grateful that when this ornament is passed down to me, I will forever have a piece of the two that cherished life the most.

– Julie Jacobs

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