Relationship: Im/migrant
The samovar our family owns.
The samovar our family owns.

My mom and dad left Russia for better jobs in the U.S. A samovar is an object used in everyday life to heat up water and eventually use it to make tea. Our samovar comes from Russia and is over 100 years old, and my mom who told me about the samovar says that my grandmother remembers her grandmother using it. As I said before the samovar is used in everyday life and sometimes on special occasions such as Maslenitsa, a pagan holiday celebrated in Russia. The object represents the story of our family of over a hundred years, all drinking tea from the same object. Lots of people from my family have used it, some of which were Russian Revolution, World War I and II veterans and also people who lived in Russia during the Cold War. When I drink tea from it I am reminded of all the stories of the past century that my family has gone through, and now that our family has left Russia it represents one of the links that holds our family together. In all it represents my and my family’s identity of being Russian and being a close family.

Place(s): Russia

– Nikita

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant