Relationship: Child of im/migrant

 PIEROGI. What runs through your mind when you think of that? For me, it’s all about family. My mother could never learn how to cook pierogies the perfect way, because she doesn’t use the same recipe. My babcia uses a recipe that comes from an old book that is from her grandmother, so my babcia is always there when we make them. In my head I see a frozen image of my Babcia’s house, warm, and subtly dim. Or my Grandmama's house, on the porch, teaching her how to make it the traditional way, with ridges on the sides.  The second important word is Babcia. It is Polish for grandmother, and she is an amazing one. My mother’s side of the family is Polish, and we get together to make Pierogies every once in a while, usually special occasions. Pierogi originated from Poland, but there are many stories that remain otherwise. You could say that they are a mouthwatering mystery! The third key word is Food. This half moon shaped dumpling-like food with a pocket is filled with potato and sauerkraut, and meat. It can also be sweeter with fruits or cheese. Another important word is past, as in THE PAST. I wonder what my ancestors Thought when THEY made these? Where did the idea come from? Poland was not very close to Asia, so did they know about Chinese dumplings? Poland was on the Silk Road, so is that where they found out about it? FAMILY. What do you think of when I say that? Do you have a frozen image in your head, of your family sitting around a table, eating a food special to you? Or doing a special thing? Are you thinking about it deeper? I hope you explore your family further. 

Place(s): Poland

– PH

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant