Cookie recipe

my grandmas cookie recipe
my grandmas cookie recipe

From my kitchen to yours Its the first day of winter break and you wake up to the smell of freshly baked cookies. After  running down the stairs you eat the warm cookies with milk. This photo is a old cookie recipe. While this is just a recipe, it is much more then that, it has so many memories that come with it. It is made from paper and guides you to make the perfect cookies. My grandma Sarah gave me this recipe and many other ones. In addition this cookie recipe connects to  christmas time and spending time with family. Because I have a small family, the holidays are even more important.This object is important to me because it connects me to my grandma. In fact on sundays she would let me help her make dessert, mostly apple turnovers. When we baked together, we always had fun. This object connects to my identity because I am Italian and Italians love their pastries and cookies. Most important she taught me how to be creative with baking. During the years I have grown to love baking so much more. Without a doubt this recipe keeps me close to my family. #Jsarich2020 #cookies #christmasvibes #Italian 

Place(s): New York, my grandma's house
Year: 1945

– Noelle Macina

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