Saltfish and Bake

A personal favorite of mine is saltfish and bake, a Carribean dish. Bake is a fried bread and saltfish is made from dried fish with onions and peppers. I remember every morning I'd go down to a local shop with my dad and have it made for me, however it was never as good as the homemade saltfish and bake my grandmother would make. My grandmother on my mom's side would always make it whenever I met her, it was something that everyone in my family enjoyed and could truly feel together while eating. My family on my father's side weren't the best at making it so it was always a big thing when everyone got together because there would be saltfish and bake and everyone would get together and enjoy it. Even when I went to St. Lucia for a summer to meet family I was able to bond over a dish we all loved and grew up on. The dish itself was so simple to make that it didn't matter that the ingredients weren't the same as those I used in America, it was the best thing I've ever eaten. Although I'm moving away soon for college it's the smell of saltfish and bake that will always make me homesick.

Year: 2016

– Andray Smith

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