Matzo Ball Soup

“Time for dinner” says my grandmother as my family gathers around the table for Passover. Immediately my mouth lingers for the incredible flavor of matzo ball soup that she had prepared for us to eat. This tradition is my favorite of all time. Hearing the words matzo ball soup reminds me of a time when my family is all together and celebrating being free Jews from slavery. Countless years ago, the Jewish people were persecuted and tortured for just being Jewish. Jewish people were enslaved in Egypt. When the Moses finally said “Let my people go”, they had no time to spare, therefore they grabbed unleavened bread which is now known as Matzah. Matzah is used in many recipes, one known as the incredible matzo ball soup. Matzo ball soup gives me a sense of freedom and comfort. Whenever I eat the meal I am always reminded of my ancestors and how they fought for me to be here today. As a young child, I loved to watch my grandma prepare the soup for my family and I. The kitchen would fill with warmth as I watched her. Legitimately with the stovetop and figuratively with comfort of knowing that my family is all together and will eat the soup. The matzo ball soup is made with a bunch of noodles as well as carrots to add flavor. For instance, as well as Passover my family and I eat matzo ball soup together during our family Hanukkah party. While everybody opens presents, the matzo ball soup would be on the stove for anyone to take.

Year: 2000

– alexa cooper

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