Roti Roller

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

The object I chose may seem strange to few but is a very common sight in most Pakistani kitchens. This item, which can be characterized as a roller is necessary to make rotis. Rotis are the most common side dish to eat with most if not all Pakistani food. When my parents immigrated to America in 1995 they brought with them everything they thought they would need to build a home in America. Although, they bought stuff like curtains and spoons and some pots, they forgot to bring this roller with them. For the first few days they lived with some family, so they didn’t really worry about having to cook anything. It wasn’t until they had settled into their own apartment and my mom went to cook food did she realize we cannot cook rotis. Rotis are an essential part of a Pakistani’s meal and most meals felt incomplete without them. My mom attempted to use other things such as a Pringle can to make rotis but was very unsuccessful. My mom and dad, being the most autonomous and independent people ever never asked anyone for anything when they came to America. However, they drew the line when it came to this roller. One day they had had enough and decided to ask our neighbors if they could borrow theirs. Not only did my parents get the roller for the rotis but they also made new friends that day. 

Place(s): Pakistan

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant