Salt and Pepper Shakers

The salt and pepper shakers on display.
The salt and pepper shakers on display.

       My family isn’t the most connected. We don’t have any inherited items from when my ancestors traveled to America, nor do we have any lasting traditions from other countries. One unique tradition we have developed though is a salt and pepper shaker collection. It started back when my great-great-grandfather's son-in-law joined the United States Air Force. He would usually need to travel all around the country and sometimes overseas to see him. It led him to want to start bringing home some trinkets from his travels. He began to take a pair of shakers back each time he visited a new place. The collection very slowly began to grow, and others started to join in. They were exchanged as gifts and given as souvenirs. This part of the tradition slowly died out within my family, but we still keep them and care for them while displaying them. It has become the main tradition to pass them on and display them, and so they have been passed down for three generations. Currently, my mother has them on display in our kitchen, and when she hands them down to me it will be four generations. I want to continue the tradition that my family developed because it is full of unique pieces and each set has been filled with history.

Place(s): Virginia.
Year: 2008

– Logan Lester

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