Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Mexican chips of lime and Chile
Mexican chips of lime and Chile

It was established from a young age that food has much to do with my culture. This might have been because my father was a chief or maybe because the real meaning of food is deeper than taste, it's a cultural identity expression. My father, who was an immigrant, brought food from Mexico to share his individuality. He cooked traditional foods he loved eating as a kid. He did this as a way to preserve his culture when he moved to a foreign land. Many times, we can forget the value of food. We can ignore the struggles people have gone through for us to share a part of their background. Being born into a Hispanic home, I was taught from a young age that food is one of the most important things to share with people and that food plays an enormous role in our lives. The food we eat is beautifully intertwined with our culture. Since my father had a passion for cuisine, it had him work long shifts every day. He was working six in the morning until eleven at night. My mother oftentimes would send me to bed, not knowing I would wait for my father to come home. As the sound of rattling keys and a door opening, I would run to the door waiting for my father. My father brought Mexican snacks as a peace offering to convince my mother to let me stay up with him. Our favorite snack were Sabritones, a airy wheat chip covered with lime and chile seasoning. Since this day Sabritones have much symbolism to my father's hustle in following his dream.

Place(s): Mexico


Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant