Round Box of Memories

This box is important to me because it has stick with me since I arrived to the United State. In it I have kept things that I was given since my first day that I got here from friends that have been with me since the first day and when most needed them because I would feel lonely. Inside I have from birthday cards, to valentine’s cards, Christmas cards, Disneyland tickets, pins and many memories that I have kept for the last seven years. This is also a memory that I am coming from another country, that part of me and my life was lived in Mexico. That means that I have roots, Mexican roots, and now been living here for the last years had made a combination of both cultures and I am part of both. This box is a reminder that I was raised in Mexico but I grew up here, this country helped me to mold myself into the person that I am today. In this country, I have lived my life, I have grown, I have learned. In this country is where I have succeeded, where I did mistakes and learned from them, where I have traveled and lived. This country has given me the opportunity that I was never expecting and has extended its hand to offer me a better future. This box is a representation of all lived and what I will live.

Year: 2010

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child