Wax Melter

This is it in the light.
This is it in the light.

This may just look like a plain ole wax melter. Well, that's exactly all it is. This was given to me from my mom a couple years ago and still holds value to this day. (In fact, I have it lit right now. I'm using pumpkin spice for the holidays.) My mom worked from home, so she always liked a tidy environment and a fresh smelling house. Everyday I came home from school, I would walk into our house and be greeted by a lavender or pine like scent. My favorite thing to do was crash on the couch after school next to it, and get barked at for laying on her couch while still dirty. We don't have a whole lot of passing down in our family. You could even say this wasn't passed down. I just asked for it. I'm sure my mom agreed to give it to me because she was tired of telling me how bad my room smells, but I like to think it's because it was something she knew meant very much to me. When it is on, not only does it smell good, it fills up the air and is like a blanket of comfort and safety. Although it is just a simple item, it has brought me lots of comfort  as I will continue to use it everyday.

Place(s): Virgina

– N.H

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