My inspiration

My inspirations was born on December 26, 2011. My daughter is my inspiration. She is the reason that I wake up early, and I go to the college and try to be a good person each day. When I arrived to New York, I felt too bad, because I left my daughter in Ecuador. I got depression. My heart was destroyed. I returned to Ecuador, hoping to grow up in Ecuador with my daughter. But I failed, the economic situations is hard in Ecuador. I only thought that my daughter needs to study, eat and good economic situation. So I decided to come back to New York and get a better opportunity. I felt lucky. I met a guy from Ecuador too, and he grew up in Quito. He worked with me as a waiter in an Italian restaurant in Manhattan, so we started to talk and share some memories about for our culture. To my surprise, he was a worker for Conedison, he never told about it. At this time I did not know what is Conedison. One day, he left work and I knew nothing of him for a couple days. One day I got a call from him. And he asked me if I want to work in conedison with him. I was unsure, because I did not speak English very well and I did not know what I have to do. I was afraid. But I remembered this is the American dream, I had to try. So I did. Since that day things have improved day by day. I really appreciate this guy for gave to me this opportunity. Nowadays, I am wanting for national visa centers appointment, and get my appointment to go to Ecuador and bring my daughter.

Year: 2014

– Luis Tutillo

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