Rose Card

Front of Card
Front of Card

My mother went to a Catholic school; her principal, Sister Kathleen, knew my mom well. During mom’s 8th grade graduation, Sister Kathleen gave her a card. Honored by the compliments in it, my mom gave it to my nana for safekeeping later that night. Nana read it and it brought her to tears. She felt such pride in her daughter; someone had confirmed my mother’s good character. Sister Kathleen was saying, Mary Rose, you are pure in the heart, and you will see God if you stay true to your faith and stay pure. She would always call my mom by her full first name, Mary Rose, not Mary like everyone else and that’s why she said in the card, “I call you by name”. My mom knew she would always be in sister Kathleen’s heart. Years later nana told me about the card. She thought that I would like it since it's so special. My name is DanaRose, named just like my mom. We're both named after her great-grandma Rose. She was “as close to a saint as you can get”, as nana would say. A wonderful person, Rose gave to the poor and would always give food to the neighbors even if she didn’t have much. It is an honor to be named after Grandma Rose. My name is very special to me, and this card reflects that and also my and my family’s relationship with God. One day I hope to give the card to my daughter. I will name her Charlotte Rose, a name that not only reflects Grandma Rose but also my nana, Charlene, who is special to me. This card reminds me of the importance of family, faith, and love between a daughter and a mother. 

Place(s): New York

– DR

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more