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My object are dominoes the reason that i chose this item is because it's really an iconic game for dominicains to play when there is a party or when they are bored. For me dominoes were a staple to the family because every Sunday and Saturday our family would come together and gather in our grandfather's house. We would have parties and be close, we would also play dominoes all the time. Dominoes are basically rectangles with a certain number of dot on a piece. Dominoes are made up of a synthetic plastic material such as a polystyrene plastic. The object the domino originated from china when their soldiers used to play when they were out of battle and bored. The domino was not passed down but shared amongst the family for all of us to play together or bring over a friend to play. My uncle and father were playing once while i was watching over them, i asked if i could play and they happily said yes it was very easy at first but then it started to get harder as my uncle played more intense. This game or object is kind of very important the reason for this is because this can be played by all generations and i will kind of passed down the knowledge of dominoes as my dad and uncle did to me.

– Ronny Abreu

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant