Ritz Carlton Teddy Bear

Ritz Carlton Teddy Bear
Ritz Carlton Teddy Bear

My object is my 2nd birthday Teddy Bear from the Ritz Carlton. And that’s where I took my first ever steps. The only way my parents got me to walk was by holding a napkin in front of me and then moving it along as I went. And then, I GOT MY FIRST TEDDY BEAR! It was brown and fluffy, the arms and legs are a little stiff, as well as its head, it’s nose is pink and sewed, and he has big brown eyes. He came to me with a blue shirt, and a pink balloon floating from its paw. It was specifically a pink balloon (aka my favorite color). 
To me this gift is very important to me because the hotel/restaurant gave it to me because they know my family really well and knew it was my birthday. They’ve known me since I was a baby and still know me now. This gift showed me that wherever you are, the people around you care for you (even if they’re just taking napkins away from you to walk).
It’s special to me because it was my FIRST teddy bear EVER and it was given to me with a lot of care. It still reminds me of my first steps and my family. It reminds me of that because I got it on that specific day and the restaurant still asks me about it. 
I learned that I am similar to Emma because she is also bringing in a special teddy bear and that’s very important too. 

Year: 2008

– S

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