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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Ring with diamonds
Ring with diamonds

My object is a ring.  I was 14 when I got this ring gifted to me, this was last year, on October of 2022. The story behind this is I went to Mexico on October 14, 2022 to visit family for 3 months. I was staying with family members in Mexico but there were problems going on. I ended up leaving that house and lived with other family members and it went better. There were 3 girls staying there and at that time I didn't know them yet but they were really close friends. It was the last couple days I had left in Mexico. I had to spend my time wisely while I was still there. We went out a lot. I had 2 days left, before we had to leave. This day we had a late gift exchange for Christmas. One of the girls named Cynthia gave me a ring and the words she told me when I opened it up was, “this was for you, keep it on, we're gonna miss you” and it made me feel very special. I've not taken this ring off since she gave it to me. It's been 2 months ever since I left Mexico on January 10, 2023. That's the story behind the ring story.

Place(s): Mexico

– Y.D.R.

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant