In Attire

Kente also known as "Nwentoma" originally originated from the gold coast known as my home "Ghana". An interwoven cloth made of a silk fabric making a beautiful puzzle of art by the Akan natives in the Ashanti kingdom as a sacred royal cloth worn only by the king but of course over the course of time that changed everybody started to wear it proudly as an artifact connecting them to their culture. Ever since this has happen the chiefs and kings still wear cloth as it remains sacred today. As a young child growing up I watched my parents, aunts and older cousins dress up on certain occasions, eager to wear this special fabric. I was lucky enough to own a few at a young age since it was quite expensive especially if you lived overseas. This is when I first had gained my attachment to the colorful creative cloth as I grew older. I started making my own clothes and customizing and redesigning sneakers. My work was cool to me and amazed others but I felt it lacked something that would lure the eyes of people worldwide. I then remembered my love for kente and how much I always wanted to grab my hands on it at a young age maybe more people will have the same reaction when they take a glance at it...I began redesigning my sneakers with these puzzles of art and was amazed of the luxury of an artifact I made by hand.

Year: 2016

– Jeffrey wiredu

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