Relationship: Im/migrant

My customized ring that always encourages me.
 Unlike other jewelries, rings usually come with special meaning such as love between couple or friends. I also have a customized ring that have precious meaning. I always wear this ring on my finger and it’s presence always encourages me.  This ring is a very simple band shape and has a flat edge, not round. Because it is made of silver, it has a metallic and shining surface. The most unique feature of my ring is that engraved around the outside almost half of the band. The words are “TWO ZERO ONE THREE FIVE TWO SIX”. They are engraved around the outside and filled with black ink.  These words symbolizes the specific date. On May 26th 2013 which the words on my ring mean, the veterinarian had given my dog a shot to put her to sleep. Even though my family and I had done everything we could do, my dog, we couldn’t make her better.  At that time, I was 17 years old I had to push myself to study a lot for university. therefore I didn’t know what have been happening to my dog, and after her death, I didn’t have enough time to grieve.  After my dog left my side,  I made up my mind I would never forget the moment and I would do my best to help other dogs and animals which is my dream in the future.  Whenever I have a hard time, I always feel as if this ring becomes heavier and I look at the words that I chose to put on it. Then I can remember my desperate mind at that moment, and it really gives me power to keep go on. As I have done before, I will be with this ring until the end. 

Place(s): SEOUL, KOREA


Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant