Relationship: Im/migrant

What does my ring represent to me? This object is very important to me. My ring is heart-shaped, and it has tiny stones, but it is missing a couple. Four years ago in my country, I got my ring. My boyfriend offered it to me. One day I went to see him and he told me, “Wait!’’ so he could give me this ring to show me his love. When you receive something from the hand of the person you love it is something wonderful. 

I will  never forget the day my boyfriend gave me the gift of my ring.  I was 17 years old when he gave it to me. My ring comes from the person I love, so it means a lot to me. This object  reminds me of my boyfriend, because he loves me. This person is important to me, because he is always present for me for everything. I use this object only when I go to a precious place. My ring is worth more than gold! 

Place(s): Haiti
Year: 2018

– lovely jerome

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant