Rice, beans and salad

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Food dish my mom made.
Food dish my mom made.

This is a picture of Rice, Beans, and Salad. In Mexico, my mother didn’t have much food, but during special occasions, my Grandmother would make Rice, Beans, and Salad. It’s a basic dish but my Grandmother would tell stories about a special lake near her home when she prepared it for my Mother and her siblings. My sister tells the story to me often. It starts at a lake near my Grandmother’s house. “One day a fisherman went out to go fish, and while he was fishing he heard splashing and went to go check what was happening. He saw the most gorgeous diamond-like scales, flowing sunkissed hair, and beautiful freckled tan skin. The mermaid came up to the fisherman and said, “If you don’t bring me a wedding dress back tomorrow, I’ll take out all the water in this lake.” The fisherman laughed at her command. The mermaid was filled with anger but just went back into the lake. The next day the fisherman and townspeople gathered around the lake in shock and sadness. The water is gone. “What will we eat now?” someone yelled. “How will I provide money for my family?” someone else yelled. The fisherman was shocked and came back the next day with a wedding dress hoping the mermaid would bring back the water and sea animals. The next days come and the water is back” after the story my sister said, “Our Abuelita would tell stories like this to my aunts and uncles and eventually hoping to pass down stories like this to future generations.” This is what the dish Rice, beans and salad means to me, stories. Since my mom and aunts would tell us many while we eat this dish.

Place(s): Mexico
Year: 2006

– JC

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant