Rice ball


My object is the rice ball. It is called “Onigiri” in Japanese. The rice ball is a Japanese food made from white rice, seaweed and fillings. It is usually shaped like a triangle, and wrapped in seaweed. There are many kinds of rice balls. We use fillings such as pickled plum, spicy cod roe or salmon. You can easily find them at any convenience store in Japan. Rice balls are a popular picnic food in Japan, so we often put them in a lunch box and eat them at a park. When I was a child, my mother often made rice balls for me when I went to a picnic. She was busy with her work, but she got up early in the morning to make them. I remember that the rice balls that she made for me were very delicious. I think they are the best rice balls I have ever eaten. I especially like the rice balls of pickled plum which made by my mother. I will never forget the rice balls that my mother made for me. I chose them because they reminds me of my mother. I think all Japanese mothers and their children must have the same experience. I am currently living in New York, and I sometimes make rice balls on my own. 

Year: 2015

– R.Y

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