Australian Meat Pies

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

As a child my father ate meat pies all the time. One of the many occasions my father ate these pies was when he went to football games. Australia Day was also one of the Holidays my father ate pies. I think my father liked these pies very much because he ate them whenever he had a chance.When I lived in Australia I also ate Australian meat pies following the same tradition. I recently went to Australia and ate many meat pies when I was there. Now you are thinking how is a meat pie different from a pie I might find in New York, right?”  This picture shows an Australian meat pie. An Australian meat pie is made out of ground beef, onion, salt, and pepper and dough. Many Australians eat meat pies with tomato sauce.  These pies are usually eaten as a quick lunch. Almost all of the bakeries in Australia sell meat pies. When I visited Australia most of the meat pies I ate came from bakeries. In America it is very rare to get meat pies. So, since we live in NY,  we get to eat meat pies on special occasions like Thanksgiving or any other Holidays when we have family gatherings. Now it brings back many memories when I visited Australia just recently. These pies come in different sizes. For example a party pie is small and can be eaten as a snack. You an also have a large pie big enough to feed 10 people on big events.  No matter what size, no matter where you are, these pies always taste really good. Over time I have become more fond of meat pie since I don’t have them often in America.

Place(s): Australia

– Stepan Bedrossian

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant