Dining Table

A simple table at my grandmothers house
A simple table at my grandmothers house

 This represents something that I have seen diminishing in recent times, the simple act of eating together as a family or rather just not eating alone. I feel like that time of day a few hours after you arrive home as your parents come home from work is the perfect time to close off your day with a nice communal meal, it allows you to tell stories of the day and just finally have that proper close that everyday needs and then afterwards you are able to go on into your own evening and settle down before resting up for the next day, it just makes perfect sense in my mind and it has always been something I’ve done. No matter the household between my divorced parents even at special occasions like birthdays or mother’s days, with my siblings, my grandmother or even just friends.
The meals I have are always cooked by the heart, either cooked by my step-mom or father on most days but sometimes not even cooked by us at all instead being ordered if there was not enough time found to cook. The cooking is not the most important to me but after the food is there and on the table served by the cook or whomever grabbed the bag if it was outsourced and then we all sit and wait for everyone to arrive at the table. Once everyone has arrived we sit down and begin to eat as a storm of dishes get passed around and segmented among plates. Then the most important part starts, the conversation, small laughs and stories go around along with news, plans, and questions.

– Jeden Chase

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