Braided Rolls

Myself, preparing the braided rolls.
Myself, preparing the braided rolls.

  My family has baked my grandmother’s braided rolls for as long as I can remember.  It has always been a tradition for almost every holiday to bake a batch.  My dad and I work together , making the dough, rolling it, braiding it.  When they bake, their familiar smell fills the air.  This long-standing tradition is a legacy both of my grandmother and my grandmother’s culture.  My grandmother came to America from Czechoslovakia.  She was always an avid and gifted baker, and braided rolls were one of her favorites to bake. My dad has said it was a common sight to see her with a flour dusted apron and rolling pin. This recipe is directly from her homeland, and we continue to bake them here to this day. Braided rolls are representative of my cultural heritage because they are a comforting, rustic tradition that has remained with my family between generations and countries. They also are important to me simply because they remind of my grandmother.  It is rather common for one to hold a dish as a cultural or familial legacy.  Across disparate ethnicities and backgrounds, many hold certain foods as an important cultural legacy.  This is because food holds an important role for cultures, often holding center stage at gatherings and events. My story as well as everyone's cultural story are unique, as everyone has a different cultural experience which manifests in different ways.  Some may remember their culture with an artifact or piece of clothing, while others remember their culture with a great meal.  


Place(s): Czech Republic, Massachusets

– OM

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant