Weng moved from China to America in 2010 when he was 12 years old, and only lived with his parent in the first year of lived in America. Later, his parents move him to his uncle’s house in Indiana, Pennsylvania for his high school year, because they think there has a better educational environment. However, Weng has to work in his uncle’s restaurant for free in order to live in his uncle’s house.The daily routine of a day in Indiana was tedious; his activity had limited by his constraining uncle, which he must go to the restaurant once the school day ended, and work in an environment that surround by the smell of stinking oil. Weng has to work about 30 hours per week with no choice, like a slave. He says that, “I have no right to choose what I want to do.” The restaurant become as the only place that he allowed to go to besides home and school. The excessive working hours have put on makeup around Weng’s eyes, and makes him look like a panda. Although Weng wanted to break away from his situation, but because of the stubbornness and illiberal-mind of his parents and uncle, there was no way other than obey them. Fortunately, Weng had taught himself through the miserable circumstance by thinking about his future. He finds out that the best solution to relief from his elder’s over-controlled is going to college, there will be less restrained, and regain his right to choose what he want to do.

Year: 2012

– RY

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