In Attire
Gold plated anklet
Gold plated anklet

My mother was known for the jewelry she wore. My mother  always had a case full of this luxury gold jewelry and some of the coolest jewelry pieces I’ve ever seen.
   Ever since I was able to grab things I couldn’t stay out of the antic box . Since I’ve moved 8 hours away from home 7 days walking distance I knew it would be tough for me being without my mother.
   She would soon give me one of those luxury items as a reminder of the times I've spent looking through her stuff and playing dress up or even the times she let me wear something for picture day or seen me looking at a pair of earrings too long.
    But this one particular piece she wouldn’t dare walk out the house without and it was her anklet. gold plated that shine but not too much.
    When I was looking through her jewelry to take with me when it was time for me to move to New Orleans on this new journey called college, out of all of the jewelry in the antic box, the anklet was the one I just had to have. 
  The anklet stood out to me even though it’s so simple, I chose this anklet specifically because it gives me a reminder that this is my mom and this is who she is , this anklet is her and just a constant reminder ,that even though she isn’t here with me physically step through step, she is still here with me with these little reminders of her.
  In the future, I hope that this anklet and even other pieces of her jewelry will be passed on to the next generations and wonderful stories about my mother will be passed on about how she used to have the girls hating on her all good collection.

– Nay

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