Religious Painting from Poland

“The Lady of Częstochowa” Poland
“The Lady of Częstochowa” Poland

This picture shows what is called "The Lady of Częstochowa". This is a Polish depiction of the Virgin Mary and Jesus. This particular wood cut with a painting of them on the front is directly from Poland. My Great Grandmother, Bronia, is very religious and always had a painting of this in her house. My great grandparents and their six children, one being my grandmother Francesca, grew up in a small farm town in Poland. They moved to Boston from Poland in 1967. My grandmother was only 11 years old at the time and none of them spoke any English. They lived in a small apartment in Roxbury until my great grandfather became a carpenter and made enough money to buy a home right outside of Boston. My great grandmother still lives there today at 95 years old. I've been told by my grandmother, that my great grandmother brought this item directly from Poland. It was in her house and she gave it to my mom when she bought our house when I was only three. She always had a depiction of The Lady of Częstochowa  in her home, and she always told us that it will protect us from evil and only allow good things in our home. She has given all of my relatives a painting of her to hang in their homes. I did some research on this image as well and it is considered to be "the protector of Poland" just like my great grandmother tells us. I have a few more things she gave us from Poland, like handmade jewelry boxes and hats, but this story seems the best. I am grateful to still have this and for my Polish family History.

Place(s): Poland
Year: 1967


Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant