My great grandmother (Doris) grew up in Puerto Rico. Doris was Catholic until she was 13; her mom converted to Protestant. This changed her life drastically because her household became more strict. She wasn’t allowed to cut her hair, go out or put on makeup. This made her sad and miserable. In 1950s she came to New York with her cousins for a vacation. Her cousins told ”whoever falls in the snow in New York, stays in New York”. When she came she fell in the snow. When her cousins left to go back to Puerto Rico, she decided to stay with her aunt in New York. She didn’t want to move back to Puerto Rico and felt restricted by her mother. Because she was no longer with her mother, she decided to party more and live life. In 1960 she met a man named Camelo, who in 1963 would become her husband. In 1964 she would have a daughter who would become a devoted Catholic, and a year later a son who would also believe in the Catholic religion. Her mom was shunned in the family by almost everyone because she converted to being Protestant. The reason my family lives in America and my family has been rooted here for a while is because my great grandmother’s escape of religion.  

Place(s): (Puerto Rico, New York)
Year: 1955

– Cesar

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more