Red Laptop

Red laptop with stickers near hp logo
Red laptop with stickers near hp logo

When I look at my old, red laptop I think about the struggle (the laptop was slow as well but that's besides the point). The struggle I went through, which is called middle school. More specifically 7th and 8th grade. Domestic abuse and CPS. I had to go to foster care for ~7 months. My two sisters and I had to go. Basically, my family was affected. My mom and her now ex-boyfriend both got some jail time while my dad did everything in his power so that we could go back to him.
    Anyways, after all of that was over with, i returned back to my middle school, redwood. 8th grade me was the dumbest person ever. I remember the peer pressure I was under. I was trying to fit in so I did some unintelligent things to say the least. I jokingly asked some acquaintances to fight after school. I did all of that because I saw the attention I was getting. It wasn't that type of attention where people were seeing me in a good way. More like “bruh look at this dumb kid.” 8th grade is a story for another time.
    At home, things weren’t that pleasant either. Me, my dad, and my sister had to share one small room, with almost no air conditioning. Just a small window. We lived in a house that a family owns. And throughout that era, my laptop stuck with me. It served me well. However, it got a pretty hefty beating and it got to the point where, in 9th grade, the display stopped working altogether.
          Me and the object both had something in common: we were beaten up and worn down.

Place(s): Napa, California

– Jaime Sanchez-Perez

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