Red Envelope

Traditionally, a red envelope filled with money is given to Chinese children each Chinese New Year. It was considered the free money for most children and they do expect it from their parents and grandparents. Since I was a little girl, I had received so many red envelopes from my relatives. It is a way for my family to show its love. In the past, a red envelope was to ward off bad luck; Now giving out a red envelope is to send blessings and to hope each other can have happiness in the New Year. Moreover, the amount of money is a symbol. For example, 999 represents love or friendship will go on forever, and 888 means person who receives that envelope will have success in the year. Before I came to the United States, I never thought I would receive a red envelope again, because many of our relatives are not here. However, I still get a red envelope from my parents; they always put a red envelope under my pillow with the U.S dollars in it on the Eve of the Lunar Year. I can feel that my parents have not just assimilated to the American society, but also they still want to maintain their own culture.

Year: 2009

– lwj

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