This is a photo of my great-great-grandmother on my mother's side, Fabiola Garcia Pow. My mother is Puerto Rican on both sides, and her parents came to the U.S. mainland from Puerto Rico when they were very young children. Fabiola was born around 1881 and lived in Juan Martin, Yabucoa, Puerto Rico by the time she had her first five children, including my grandfather's mother Andrea. She had around 23 children, but most of them died at young ages. However, sometime before Fabiola lived in Puerto Rico, my grandfather's side of the family came from Martinique. Here, someone in the family married an Irish man with the last name Eagan, which is the reason why some members of my mother's side have red hair instead of dark hair. From Martinique, the family made their way to Juan Martin, Yabucoa, followed by Humacao, and eventually to Williamsburg, which is where my grandfather grew up.  Over the span of a few generations, just that one side of my family had migrated all over the place, which can be demonstrated in Fabiola's journey that continued until generations leading up to my grandfather. Even once they reached the United States mainland, they still continued to migrate and are now spread out all over the country. Migration has allowed my family to be diverse, even if it's just in appearance, but has also given them history and a story to track down and enjoy. Although my family now isn't very cultural we still can appreciate the lives our grandparents led.

– Kanadia Lucien

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