Record Player

In the warm comfort of my living room of my suburban Long Island home, I sit with my family in the roaring silence of a Weezer album spinning to a tune. I come from a family of artistic and creative people. A four minute songs feels like an eternity when spending every second appreciating the notes. When I was younger I would lie to my dad about red being my favorite color and twizzlers being my favorite candy; I wanted to be daddy’s little girl. I felt the divide between our interests expand as I grew older until the Christmas of 2014 when my uncle gave me a coral leather Crosley Record Player. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas I bring it downstairs, taking in the welcoming surroundings of family, and enjoying the holidays. My family listens to music together but my dad and I understand music together. Music has brought my dad and I a lot closer and made us realize we have a lot more in common then we thought. We now spend every Christmas sharing our favorite albums.

Year: 1912

– Dana Schlackman

Relationship:  unknown unknown