Rare Coin Collection.

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The Quality Street tin.
The Quality Street tin.

This coin collection belonged to my grandfather when he was a kid. Gerold Morse grew up in a small town in Massachusetts. There were almost no kids to play with in his town. For fun he would collect coins. My grandfather would walk around town picking up coins. If he found one that he thought was interesting, he would store it in his collection instead of using it to buy something. He would put the coins in a gold tin that used to have chocolates in it. He likely got the tin as a present because the chocolate company called Mackintosh Quality Street and they made Chocolates for the wealthy but my grandpa was middle class. The collection was given to my dad right before my grandpa passed in 2007. It meant a lot to my grandfather so he passed it down to my father. Grandpa would never buy or sell coins either. The collection was my grandpa's childhood and one of his best friends. He must have been psyched when he picked up a dark rusted coin off the ground and it was from 1798. My father eventually gave it to me because he knew I would be interested. The collection also displays my family heritage, as there are coins from Czechoslovakia, Ireland, France and Italy which are countries that I am from. I will never sell or lose this collection because it meant so much to my grandpa. This collection has taught me even if I have no one or anything to play with, I can find something to do that could end up being special. 

Place(s): Massachusetts and Europe.

– Rowan

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more