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This is a photo of the mask i had
This is a photo of the mask i had

My tradition was never really with my family. I have a best friend, basically a brother. His name is Luis Valle.We have been friends since the7th grade. We had a friend group that would always hang out every day that ended up splitting. He and I stayed friends. Ever since we met we would hang out every Halloween night; it started to become a tradition to us. Our Halloween tradition started when my friend Jonathan and I were going to go trick or treating in the 7th grade. All three of us, Luis Jonathan, and I, were in an art class together, and Luis had told us he didn't have plans so I told him that he should come with us downtown and trick or treat with us, and he said yes. Ever since then, we have spent every Halloween hanging out. This tradition connects to my culture or identity because it showed me how to value friendship. We have created some good memories and have had some fun adventures on Halloween nights. If we get bored of getting candy, we just walk around downtown and explore. This tradition is special to me because in middle school my friends were really all I had. Stuff at my house was bad; I didn't have much and Luis gave me a friend, and that's why the tradition is special.

Place(s): Napa Ca
Year: 2016

– juan martinez

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