Quran book

Relationship: Im/migrant
This is my favorite book.
This is my favorite book.

My family are from Guinea and are very religious people who love and worship the Quran.   We regards the Quran as a holy book this book contains information from revelations which was given by Muhammad. There are two feasts which connect from this book: ``EID ''.  My parents had a dream to see me finish our Quran holy book and when I was 5 years old they sent me to a school just to study and focus on this and my mother and father did everything I made him ask me. because they wanted at all costs that I finish the book and especially understand what was in this book. I use it again because in his opinion if I studied for the book and that I do not use that that comes from within anyway I was studying, whenever I am with my mom she advises me a lot about religion and helps me a lot I feel my mom is my best friend, when I am here in us I meet a lot of people and different cultures and communities by it. I can say thank you my God because I managed to know more. So, I can say that I did my best to make my parents' dream come true and I know they are proud of me as well as of me but I am really proud of them more than them because with their help and their advice I can get their wish.Inshallah in the future I will educate my future children as my parents did for me because their education will help me a lot and its will help me forever and its give me happiness, and I will love my children do like me to read the whole book. 

Place(s): Mecca
Year: 2018


Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant