Relationship: Child of im/migrant

If you love grilled cheese sandwiches (and who doesn’t?!) you’re going to love these just as much as I did! Cheese and bread rolled up and wrapped in crispy bacon make the most delicious breakfast and the perfect dipper for tomato soup!For my Great-great-great-grandma’s Quintiles I use bacon that is precooked. However, If you’d like to use raw bacon, I would recommend pre-cooking it partially in the microwave or in a pan first.This Quintiles is from my great-great-great-grandmother’s kitchen in Saint Vincent. Since this recipe was made, it has been passed to me and to this day I've been making this for my birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving and all those big holidays. it's like breakfast for holidays. This recipe is important to me it makes me remember my Great-great-great grandmother because she died when I was 3 years old, from a stroke at the age of 106. No matter what, the street would know for her famous Quintiles. Also she would pray over the food to GOD.If I could ask my great-great-great-grandmother 2 questions:How did you get the bacon and cheese?Where did she get the recipe from,what made her think of it?What did you add to it to make it personal? Items you’ll need for this recipe* bacon * skillet * butter * bread *

Year: 1876

– Ronald

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant