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Recipe book of baked goods and beverages
Recipe book of baked goods and beverages

 This is a baking and beverage recipe book filled with 2000 world wide favorites of military officers wives. While my Lolo (grandfather) was in the navy, my Lola (grandmother) bought this book at an auction. Both my Lolo and Lola immigrated from the Philippines to Houston,Texas. During the pandemic when everyone was in lockdown,  we were going through my Lola’s kitchen cabinet that held dishes and tea cups we rarely used, where we found the recipe book and she noticed I was flipping through the book, making faces at some recipes I had never heard of before. She let me keep it since she saw I was the only one really interested in possibly attempting to make one of the recipes. I plan on giving this book to one of my children who likes it and highlighting the recipes I enjoyed over the years.

Place(s): Philippines, Texas, Virginia


Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant