The flag and the Quetzal is very representative of my family because it represents my mixed cultures. The bird represents the liberty of Guatemala but in my family it represents the way we are, creative and free, we have limits and we acknowledge them but we are grateful for the freedoms we have. The golden eagle / Mexico's coat of arms represents in mexico when the Aztecs were lost in the dessert and the found a golden eagle eating a serpent on a cactus. once again in my family this represents the other half of my culture, where we are lost but find our way when we need to. Thees birds show my families freedom as well as my families ability to be level headed. This represents who I am because it shows my creativity and my practical side. These are significant to who I am because it shows where my family comes from. My mother makes sure I know that I have a Guatemalan side and my father reassures me that I have Mexican decent.

Year: 1968

– Max Moreno

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