BB's Hope chest

My Grandmother's hope chest
My Grandmother's hope chest

One object that is really important to my family is BB's hope chest(my grandma's). It holds a lot of value in my heart. My pawpaw gave it to her on their 10th anniversary together. My grandma thought it would be a wonderful idea to store photos of her family in there so that she could pass it down to my mom so that she could know and remember her ancestors. Once my grandmother passed away the hope chest went to my mom. When my mom married my dad, my dad put a lot of pictures of his family in there. Once me and my brothers were born my parents put our baby pictures and birth certificates in the hope chest. So now whenever we get a picture of a good memory we put it in the chest so that we can remember all the memories we made when we get older. Once my momma dies, I will get the chest and will keep adding pictures to it. I know there is just pictures in there but a picture can speak a thousand words.In the chest there is a picture of my great grandpa of when he was in Italy serving in the war.That picture of him shows that my family came to America after living in Italy.This chest shows my family cultural identity by showing all pictures of my family accomplishments from working so hard. My story is special just like everyone else’s are. My family’s story connects with other families in a sense of the ways we can have a simple object that has a lot of sentimental value.  We all have different objects that hold value and make us who we are today. Every family has a different way of holding onto things, this makes all families unique. 

– Cameron McBride

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